The name of the Society shall be the Rhiwbina Floral Society (hereinafter called “the Society”) which is affiliated to the National Association of Flower
Arrangement Societies (NAFAS).

1. Aims and Objectives.

To provide members with the opportunity to further their interest, knowledge and skills in floral art, horticulture and other associated activities in
accordance with NAFAS guidelines. This to be provided in a socially friendly environment.

2. Membership.

1. Membership shall be restricted to 75 members.
2. All members of the Society shall to be deemed members of the Rhiwbina Memorial Hall and Community Association (RMHCA).
3. All members shall abide by the rules and constitutions of the Society, RMHCA and NAFAS.
4. Any member shall be at liberty to resign providing that all dues and subscriptions are fully paid up and that any property of the Society on loan to the
member has been returned.
5. Any complaints shall be made in writing to the Secretary.
6. Full membership details will be held by the Society and limited details, as required, will be held by RMHCA.

3. Management.

Honorary President.
The role of Honorary President may be offered to the retiring chairman for a limited two year term. The President will be co-opted to the Society’s

The Committee shall consist of the following officers:
Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Programme Secretary, Area Representative, Publicity Officer and a further six elected members.
The Chairman and Vice Chairman shall be elected from the currently serving committee.
Each shall be elected every two years but may not hold the same office for more than two consecutive terms.

The financial year shall run from 6th April to 5th April.

The Annual general meeting shall be held in June or July of each year for the purposes of:

1. The adoption of the audited annual financial reports.
2. The election of officers and committee; nominations for these must reach the secretary 7 days before the AGM.

4. Powers of the Committee.

The committee shall have the power to co-opt members.
The administration of the Society shall be vested in the committee. Any major change to policy must be approved, however, by a simple majority of the
members at the AGM or at an Extraordinary General Meeting called for such a purpose. Such a change shall be in the form of a written proposal or
amendment to the constitution and must be circulated to the membership at least 14 days prior to the meeting.

The committee shall have the power to administer the funds of the Society in accordance with:-
1. The stated aims and objectives of the Society.
2. The perceived needs of the Society as constituted within the framework of its obligations as a constituent Member of the RMHCA, with the proviso
that it does not authorise expenditure in excess of 15% of its financial assets held in the various bank accounts, including those in the COIF account. If
such a decision is to be made, the committee must be apprised in writing at least seven days before the meeting and there must be a more than 50%
majority in favour of it. A quorum shall consist of at least 50% of the current committee, with the Chairman having the casting vote. If it be necessary
that a sum in excess of this is required by the above-mentioned Hall Association, the membership shall be consulted in writing before any decision is
taken and effected.
3. All cheques must be signed by any two of the following officers; Secretary, Treasurer, Programme Secretary.
4. At events where funds are being raised for the Society or its nominated charity, private stall holders may be invited by committee to sell wares with a
previously agreed percentage of the proceeds being handed over to the Society. This may be variously determined as circumstances dictate and com
mittee may wish to ask for a specific sum to be paid in advance of the fund raising event.
5. The financial assets of the Society may be loaned to RMHCA in the event, and only in the event, of RMHCA finding itself in danger of being wound up
by the reason of an otherwise unavoidable insolvency.

5. Meetings

1. For all other committee business, a simple majority is sufficient to agree a measure with the Chairman having the casting vote.
2. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at the request of nine members in writing to the Secretary.
3. This constitution may be altered only at the Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting called for the purpose. Notice of
amendment shall be given in writing at least 14 days prior to the meeting.
4. Minutes of the meetings will be taken by the Secretary and made available to members on request. These will be formally agreed and signed at the
next meeting.

Revised August 2015

Rhiwbina Floral Society

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